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115. Trading In Your Hours For A Handful Of Dimes …

Trading In Your Hours For A Handful Of Dimes …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Trading In Your Hours For A Handful Of Dimes ….

An interesting habit that all really successful people NEED to learn to overcome is to undervalue their TIME.

There’s a saying that on the Net, you either invest time, or you invest money.

When you first start out, you usually haven’t got much spare cash and you get overly “cautious” and miserly with what you’ve got – for example, if something costs $49, that’s all you see, rather than to consider that this $49 could actually BUY YOU many hours, every week, so you can make much more money elsewhere.

So today’s question is simply this:

What are you STILL doing laboriously by hand that takes ages to do, is actually quite beneath your dignity and that if you outsourced it, would set you FREE to earn far more money in a far more pleasant fashion elsewhere?

Pick one thing and make a decision TODAY to change that for the better.

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