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112. Now That We’ve Got Cash …

Now That We’ve Got Cash …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Now That We’ve Got Cash ….

… what are we gonna do with it?

I know from personal experience that one of the freakiest things is to find out that you are constantly generating more cash than you are used to spending.

For those who haven’t experienced this, they usually don’t believe it.

They’ve got a shopping list a mile long and can’t see beyond that, to a place where you seriously have what you wanted all along – and THEN SOME.

So today, you can use our time of reflection to either muse on your investment strategy for a while and wonder if it might be improved upon; or alternatively, to start seriously thinking about WHAT EXACTLY you are going to do with the extra income (above all spending) you are generating each and every month.

Oh, those burdens of wealth … :-)

Have a successful day!

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