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111. CTRL Z For The Brain

CTRL Z For The Brain

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: CTRL Z For The Brain.

This exercise is a quick version of the NLP “fast phobia cure” – we are going to run something backward in our mind and thereby undo it, a bit like the ctrl z key shortcut that simply erases your mistakes by taking you back one step.

That’s not just practical and handy, it is also a cool mind skill that really improves your mental flexibility.

In a moment, close your eyes and pick a memory that is still bugging you and causing you problems today.

Remember it, then run it backwards, fast.

Remember it again and then “hit CTRL Z” which JUMPS the entire memory backwards in an instance.

Isn’t that way cool?

Have a good day – and remember, a thought that was thought can thereby also be UN-thought …

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