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109. Myth Buster – If You Don’t Work You Shan’t Eat

Myth Buster – If You Don’t Work You Shan’t Eat

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Myth Buster – If You Don’t Work You Shan’t Eat.

I got myself a collection of “old wife’s tails” and proverbs relating to wealth and prosperity (yeah I spell that like that deliberately!) and found the gem that entitles this exercise amongst them.

You can just imagine some 13th century scrubland farmer saying that to their brood of 19 half starving offspring as they huddle in their hovel!

Still, that idea that “if you don’t work you shan’t eat” is structurally embedded in many ways throughout all our diverse cultures and this can become a problem when we mis-define the word “work”.

For example, I paint picture – but for a long time I never thought of it as “paid for work” because from old, I equate work with digging roots in mid winter from the frozen ground or such!

Until I sorted that out, I never got paid at all for my paintings!

So today, I want you to check over the “work” you do and look out for aspects of your work that TO YOU, is much more like play or passion than profit.

I want you to know that those things are what is at the core and the heart of your “work”, and to make sure that this gets understood and properly embedded, get a note pad up and actually write out three times:

“(… - your passion or your play, named here- …) IS A PART OF MY WORK.”

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