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108. Do You Have An Exit …?

Do You Have An Exit …?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Do You Have An Exit …?.

I once met a guy who was very intense about his business, very stressed, super-serious. He was also very wealthy and his business was doing very well. When I talked to him, I found out that HE DID NOT KNOW THAT HE HAD ALREADY MADE IT.

He was still behaving as though he was stuck in a basement and there was the entire “millionaire mountain” left to climb!

Now that’s a bit dangerous to reality, as you can imagine. There’s a quote from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran which sums up this particular problem:

“But what of the man who fears his thirst even when the well is full? Is this thirst not unquenchable?!”

So and in order to keep a good reality check and progressive goals working for YOU, take our time today and find an “exit door” for the current level you are working on.

HOW will you KNOW that you have “made it” in this business you are currently in?

Take 60 to set up your own “exit” to this level – so that YOU know when you’re out and playing on the next one!

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