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106. The Sailors Meditation

The Sailors Meditation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Sailors Meditation.

“Being a successful human being is not about controlling your environment but instead, by responding to it with extreme flexibility. A captain of a ship cannot control the wind or the sea, and those who think they can, will eventually hit an iceberg and die.

They do not seek to control the wind or the water, but instead, they respond to that in such a way that the wind and water become allies to move them forward towards their goal, to the ports on the other side of the vastest oceans.

It is in seeking a co-operation with the environment that we reach our goals, and when we have learned how to do that, then we are free.

Free from fear and strong in the knowledge that no matter which way the wind blows, we will know what to do to get where we want to go. “ – Silvia Hartmann

Simply sit back and contemplate for a while just where it is that you are still “fighting” the waves rather than sailing towards your own destination – and what needs to be done to stop that, and flow with your unfoldments instead.


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