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102. Just Ask One More Time!

Just Ask One More Time!

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Just Ask One More Time!.

I’ve heard many wealth tips over the years, but this one is just so cool, and it works so well, it is really hard to believe!

I think I’ve really saved/earned THOUSANDS already with this GREAT tip – and as my business deals get bigger, this is growing alarmingly!

I am very sorry that I can’t remember just who told me this, but this is what it is.

When someone gives you a price for ANYTHING AT ALL, a car in a showroom, a venue hire, to plaster your ceiling or to sell you a diamond ring, all you do is to say perfectly calmly:

“Is this the best you can do?”

The extraordinary thing is that half the time, they’ll come back with a BETTER DEAL!

And half the time when they don’t, they’ll give you something extra.

Either way, that simple sentence has made me a bundle, so what I would like you to do now is to think back on various deals you’ve struck over the last couple of years where you ABSOLUTELY would have saved money or got more value if you’d asked that question.

And then, make a little pledge to really REMEMBER, next time you find yourself in a negotiation.

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