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100. Buying Cuba – The Threshold Buster

Buying Cuba – The Threshold Buster

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Buying Cuba – The Threshold Buster.

This is a very interesting exercise, quick and good fun if you go with the programme.

It’s a version of a “threshold buster”, a device to take you BEYOND perceived limitations and stretch your horizons quite a bit.

There is no need at all to take this seriously – just play it because it is fun.

I’m going to ask you to pick a country that you will buy with your endless riches, just for your own pleasure and because you like it.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to object to this just because it is ridiculous to think that you could ever earn that much money, or because you don’t know HOW you would ever achieve this.

The idea is simply that it has been achieved, and now you get to choose your country.


So, which country on Planet Earth would YOU like to own and buy?

Take your pick …

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